Katie Lacy-Director

Katie Lacy

Katie joins Tomorrow Come as a part-time Director.  Originally from California, Katie earned her Bachelors Degree in Literature from Claremont McKenna College, and her Elementary Teaching Certification from the University of Montana.  Once she arrived in Montana, she never left.  Katie is a wife to Kirk, and mother to Jamie and Austin.  She brings with her experience recruiting and educating volunteers, event planning and program management skills, and several years of non-profit experience.   She was fortunate to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem in 2013.  As a result, she has been passionate about peace and justice and caring for the least among us ever since.  Katie went to Ethiopia in 2017, and left a huge part of her heart there.  She can’t wait to go back!

Board Of Directors

Jim Huskey – Founder, Board President

The first of seven children to ever go to college, Jim obtained a MA Degree in Science Education from Truman University in Missouri in 1969. A Vietnam Vet, Jim taught science in Wyoming and Montana for over 30 years. After several mission trips to Brazil, Jim’s youngest son urged them to visit Africa. In 2011, Jim and his wife went to Africa and volunteered at New Hope Center for Children and Handicapped. They immediately fell in love with the children and it has become a passion of theirs ever since.

Pam Huskey – Founder, Treasurer

PamHuskyFacePam is a wife, a mom and step-mom of 7, and a “nana” of 13. Jim and Pam have sponsored and visited kids from different countries for many years. They have been on several mission trips to Brazil and Ethiopia, believing that the people you think you are impacting actually turn your life completely around and change your world forever. Pam is a nurse and is currently practicing in a crisis pregnancy center.


Brian Huskey – Founder

Brian is a real estate investor and business entrepreneur. Brian worked in the oil and gas industry for 3 years as a health, safety, and environmental trainer before buying a property management company, which he currently operates out of Watford City, North Dakota. Brian has a Bachelor’s degree from Montana State University in Health and Human Performance and Mass Communication. He has been involved in mission work for 5 years, serving on various projects in Brazil and Ethiopia.

Arturo Echeverri – Founder


Arturo is a neurologist at the Regional Neuroscience Center in Billings, Montana. He has served on medical missions with multiple organizations providing outreach to underprivileged countries including Bosnia, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Kenya, and Ethiopia. He is also a Clinical Neurology Instructor at the University of Washington’s School of Medicine, and a visiting Neurology Instructor at the University of Gondar’s School of Medicine in Ethiopia. Arturo sponsors multiple children at New Hope, and has been to Ethiopia too many times to count.  He currently coordinates the medical trips to Ethiopia two times a year, sponsors 13 kids, and is our most enthusiastic supporter.

Bob Shanahan

BobShanahanAfter 33 years working as an industrial electrician for ExxonMobil, Bob accepted an invitation in March of 2010 to serve on a mission team tasked with installing a potable water well at New Hope Center for Children and Handicapped. The challenge seemed to fit his skill set perfectly. That project was a miraculous success, and the rest is history. Returning to Ethiopia nearly 10 more times since retiring in 2012, there have been many projects.  But his real reason for returning is the love from the children, and his love for them. Bob believes these relationships are all important. In everything we do we must leave the children with unwavering confidence in God’s love and provision. Married for 42 years, Bob’s wife Voni is a passionate supporter of Tomorrow Come and New Hope. Together they sponsor multiple children in Ethiopia and in the Philippines.

Clayton Sweet

ClaytonSweetClayton and his wife Karri live in Billings, Montana with their 5 children. After over fourteen years of working with Stillwater Mining Company, Clay left that position to spend more time with his wife and young children, and to focus on their businesses. Clayton and Karri each have an entrepreneurial spirit.  Together the Sweets have several small businesses including childcare, real-estate rentals, and construction. When he is not at work or with his family, you can usually find him at his church where he is involved in different ministries. With God as his guide, Clayton combines his many years of experience in business and construction, and his wife’s vast knowledge of working with children. This, he believes,  makes being a part of the Tomorrow Come family is a perfect fit for his life. 

Willie Krueger

Willie has worked in agriculture for more than 20 years as a crop adviser and agronomist.  He has a Bachelor of Science in Crop and Soil Science from Oregon State University.  Willie has been on many mission trips to Ethiopia, as well as Brazil and Bolivia with his wife, Jennifer, and  daughter, Julianna.  Julianna has been on two mission trips to Ethiopia and currently attends University of Montana Western as a Pre-Med student.  Willie and family reside in Cascade, Montana, and sponsor Kiya and Birqi.



Hanna Gov Ari

Hanna was born and raised in Israel, where she completed medical school.  She relocated with her family to the US 17 years ago, and completed her residency at UAMS in rural Arkansas.  Hanna has been an associate professor in the Family and Community Medicine Department, in Columbia, MO. for 10 years, where she loves taking care of patients of all ages.  Over the last several years, she developed a passion for global medicine, traveling to various places such as Nicaragua, India, Haiti, the Philippines, Ethiopia and Jamaica, where she sees patients in clinics and teaches at the local medical schools.  Hanna instantly fell in love with Ethiopia the first time she visited the country back in 2014. It started as another medical mission, but she ended up falling in love with the kids of New Hope, and she has been back many additional times. Ethiopia, New Hope, and the kids there are a big part of her heart and her life, and it was only natural for her to join Tomorrow Come Foundation. She is hoping to continue building strong relationships with the kids, support them emotionally and help shape their lives and their futures. In addition, Hanna is also planning to continue collaborating with the local medical schools in Ethiopia, and hopefully create more opportunities for sharing knowledge, education and experiences.  

Steve Hovis


In 2010, after a 31-year career as an Air Traffic Controller, Steve went to Ethiopia to work on the water project at New Hope Center for Children and Handicapped. Since then, Steve has returned to Ethiopia 10 times to work on other projects. He also brought his teenage son, Luke on several of those trips, sharing his experiences with the next generation.  God has put New Hope and Ethiopia on his heart as a place to share his talents and blessings.  Steve wants to keep building what New Hope needs as well as continue building relationships with the kids and staff. When not in Ethiopia Steve is one of the Helpful Hardware Folks at Kings Ace Hardware in Billings.

Ron Todd

RonToddRon, married to Becky, graduated from Montana State University in Microbiology and was the Billings and Beyond Pastor for Faith Chapel. He is involved in all forms of ministry both locally and internationally. He has led many mission teams to Guatemala, Brazil, Belize, Ethiopia and several times to the Philippines. He believes that with God all things are possible and finds it a privilege to help those less fortunate than ourselves to go further in life than their current status and opportunities would allow or offer.


OUR PARTNER – New Hope Center for Children and Handicapped

Tomorrow Come Foundation came alongside New Hope Center for Children and Handicapped near Guder, Ethiopia, in 2011.  At New Hope Center for Children and Handicapped, the children are not adoptable.  Instead, they are given a safe place to live, learn, grow and thrive, so that someday they may be able to be leaders in their communities and their countries.  Today New Hope has over 80 orphans, several graduates,  and a school within the orphanage campus that teaches over 600 students from the local community. In addition, the on-campus water well supplies water to people from the surrounding community.



Alyson Visgauss

AlysonVisgaussAlyson Visgauss from Alyson Visgauss Photography graciously became our photographer in November of 2014. Originally from New York, she will be posting some of her pictures from our latest trip and will be photographing the NH Orphanage, the New Hope School, the community and future medical and humanitarian missions with Tomorrow Come Foundation whenever possible.

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Video Producer

Mark Hanson

MarkHansonWe are very grateful to Mark Hanson who has volunteered his services to TCF. Mark received his Bachelor of Science degree at Montana State University in Motion Picture Production. His background includes: Production Manager at KULR-TV Billings over 25 years, Video Producer at Faith Chapel over 12 years and many years ago he worked for KRBN Radio in Red Lodge, Montana.

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Dona Kabeary
Billings, Montana


The photo was taken in the spring of 2012. These are the first three boys I brought in to New Hope. It was my first experience taking children to be tested for HIV Aids and then waiting to get the results. It was a very long two hours.

Dona Kabeary has been a widow since November of 2006. She is the mother of four, grandmother of seven, and soon to be great-grandmother in November of this year, just before turning 70.  She has served the Lord for the past 25 year in Billings Montana at Faith Chapel Foursquare Church.  It was while working at the church that she was given her first opportunity to go to Ethiopia in June of 2009   It was an experience which would changed her life in every way, and Dona has been devoted to serving the children of New Hope Center through development and oversight to the sponsorship program ever since that first trip.  What began with 48 orphans and less than 20 sponsors has grown to over 80 children and more than 200 sponsors. In 2016, Dona passed the torch to Tomorrow Come Foundation, but has remained an advocate and consultant ever since.

“Without a doubt, this has been a call the Lord put upon my heart, a call which has changed how I look at the world. The Lord has given me many amazing experiences while in Ethiopia: working side by side, and leading short term teams once a year for many years; living for months with the children and even taking a camping trip with 48 children, plus 8 staff; teaching English in the classrooms when they were without an English teacher; praying over the sick, loving on and being loved, but none of these experiences were as overwhelming as being able to be a part of working with Suleiman and the government to find the most vulnerable children in the community so we could bring them into the orphanage.  Children who were without hope all of a sudden were given a bed to sleep in, food to eat, safety, medicine, and education…nothing can compare to seeing this transforming power. I have been blessed to be a blessing…and in return I have been blessed beyond description.” Dona Kabeary



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