Like the boys’ dorm, the girls’ dormitory is crumbling and has become unsafe. There are huge cracks in the walls, and the girls are forced to sleep two-to-a-bed to stay warm. Bugs are able to enter easily, and the girls are at risk for illnesses like Malaria. The large amount of moisture and the condition of the soil in this region causes the ground to shift and the structures to fail. In 2019, TCF raised funds and, with a team of volunteers, assembled the Boys’ Dormitory. This building was built using modular bedroom units from Sango Building Industrial Ltd. in China, and were joined together to create a structure that requires a minimal foundation built on cement filled cinder block piers (or wood form piers) with metal plate shims to level it. This allows airflow to help water evaporate.

The plan is to replicate the Boys’ Dormitory Project which TCF completed in 2019. The dorm will be placed on top of the foundation of the old boys’ dorm that was torn down for safety reasons, with one step at the front door and a ramp to the back door from the kitchen. There will be a 10’ overhang on the front porch and 5’ overhang on each of the other sides.

There will be 3 large bedrooms with 10 beds in each room with desks and electricity. The 2 smaller rooms will each have 8 beds. There will be an additional guest/staff room with its own bathroom.

We learned many lessons while fundraising and building the boys’ dormitory last year, and we enter this project with that knowledge and experience to help guide us.

The building is moving and sinking, the doors & windows don’t close. Cracks are so deep in the walls that you can see outside, & they are expanding. The rain comes in and the girls are cold at night, forcing them to sleep 2 to a bed to keep warm. These girls are at risk & we MUST act!

Arturo Echeverri

We are raising $150,000 for this very important project. Please help us give the girls a new home!