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2019 October

We are launching our Girls' Dormitory Project.  Help us give them a new home! Learn more here! Check out the flyer for more information.   Girls dorm final

2019 August

This Fall we have a total of 19 kids going to Universities and 8 going to trade school or Colleges. Also there are five who have graduated and are either working or looking for jobs. The other ones are in Kindergarten through 12th grade.  These are the kids who are...

2019 March

Demmelash received a small inheritance, and bought a brand new Baja. He hopes to eventually make enough to buy several more and start his own taxi company.

2019 January

THE DORM IS FINISHED!  "We went as two teams on this trip. The first was supposed to unpack and inventory the containers. The plan was to prepare everything so that when the second team arrived, they could hit the ground running. Instead, we had issues with customs, taxes and...

2018 October

A team of 8 talented people are currently in Ethiopia digging and pouring 38 piers that will be the foundation for the new boy's dorm.  The pieces of the dorm are on a ship somewhere between China and Ethiopia, and will be assembled by the next group to travel...

2018 September

We are very happy to report that as of 9/25/18, we have raised $49,185.40 for the Boy's Dorm Project!  Thank you everyone who has donated.  We are more than half way!!

2018 August

We have raised over $30,000 for the Boy's Dorm project!  We are almost half-way.  Please click on Support Our Work, and then on the Boy's Dorm Project in the drop down menu to donate!

2018 July

 ALL of our kids passed their 12th grade exams!!!!  CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FOLLOWING KIDS - Feyara H., Kabebush, Lello, Meskerem, Mestu, Tigist, Zelalem, Alem & Dejene

2018 April

We are launching the new Boy's Dorm Capital Campaign.  The existing dorm at New Hope Center was built in 2008 and has been repaired many times.  It is a cinder block building on a rock and cement foundation. Because of the poor subsoil, torrential summertime rains, and the inability...

2017 November

November 2017 Newsletter

2018 February

We currently have 232 Sponsors and we are so very grateful!  February 2018 Newsletter

2017 September

EXAM RESULTS ARE IN AND ARE AMAZING! 8th Grade Exams:  Roza, Immuti & Jitu all passed 10th Grade Exams:  Kiya, Chaltu, Bachu, Derartu J., Frehiwot, Derartu, Ayantu, Eda, Tariku & Na'ol all passed  - pending is Birqi 12th Grade Exams:  Tesfa, Gadise & Ebisse will go on to University  -  Feyera M....

2017 August

We are still anxiously awaiting the results of the National Exams that were taken by all 10th and 12th graders in May.  We do know that Fikadu passed his 2nd year testing at Welding School and will move on to level 3 in September. Congratulations! August 2017 Newsletter

2017 May

Our medical team had an amazing trip.  They ran a clinic for the children, taught students at the medical and nursing schools, played a ton of games they brought from home, practiced lots of English with the kids, and had a s'more party on the last day.  Relationships that...

2017 April

A talented group of 14 traveled to Ethiopia April 1-15.  The group had a joyful Sponsorship Day including lots of singing, laughter, joy, and S'mores.  They planted trees with the kids, participated in a wonderful Faith Building Day with all 400 children at the school that included an epic...

2017 March

TCF is proud to welcome two new Board members.  Clayton Sweet and Bob Shanahan have agreed to walk with us on this journey, and we couldn't be more thrilled.  In addition to having a passion to love and help these vulnerable children, they and their families have been active...

2017 February

Six more laptops donated by Pfizer have arrived, and we are thrilled to report that we have met the goal of 50 laptops!  Our next goal is to provide every high school student, college student and future university student with a laptop to enhance their education.  We are so...

2017 January

The Board of Directors from Tomorrow Come Foundation had an extremely successful trip to Ethiopia.  They were able to meet with the Board of Directors from New Hope to establish a path for the future and identify places we could be helpful.  And then they got to enjoy time...

2016 October

We are very sad to report that, due to unrest in the country of Ethiopia, the two team trips planned for this month had to be cancelled.  They will be rescheduled for April or May of 2017.    

2016 May

A talented group of 7 just returned from Ethiopia where they improved pathways that had been eroded by rain, repaired the Boy's Dorm, and had a s'more extravaganza with the kids. On a separate trip, our medical team gave lectures at the Ambo Medical School. These talented physicians and nurses...

2016 March

New Website Launched!  We are very thankful to Webgrain who worked in making this website so informative and easy to navigate. We welcome any ideas or suggestions to make this website even better.

2016 January

More technology arrives. More technology arrives! Additional laptops arrived and we have brought 40 so far! Our goal is 50 before this summer and we are confident we will reach it. We also brought six smart phones, five educational tablets, two iPads, fifteen headlights. Thanks to the smartphones we have...

2015 December

We welcomed the MAGI Foundation and representatives from the Dream Doctors Project, both from Israel,  who visited New Hope Orphanage. The children were happy to meet them and felt honored to have them in their mist during the Ethiopian holidays.

2015 November

A gate at New Hope. Once more, thanks to the combined effort of Tomorrow Come Foundation and Global First Responder, a solid very needed iron gate, was built at the entrance of the orphanage. It brought great joy to the orphans and staff, as they feel safer with it. The guards are now...

2015 October

Another Medical and Humanitarian team arrived at New Hope. About 16 volunteers from the U.S. , Canada and China helped us fix a lot of loose ends around the school and orphanage. With the children we were also able to fix the floors of the old school and painted its walls. Please see gallery. The...

2015 August

A new solar panel was brought from Germany for the new well. For  the first time in months the children were able to drink fresh water and take regular showers. With this water we are also providing free water to over 80 families in the surrounding community.

2015 July

We added 6 hectares of land to the New Hope Campus. This land will be used for poultry farming and for our future high school. Additional children dormitory and housing will be added in this new land.

2015 April

We conducted our Second Medical and Humanitarian Mission in Guder! We spent a week working at New Hope School orphanage and the Guder Hospital. A group that accomplished many things: We met with the University of Ambo president Dr Mitiku Tesso Jebessa and agreed to work together on future projects,...

2015 March

A group of seven people, including Tomorrow Come Board members, Ron Todd, James and Pam Huskey, will be at New Hope working at the school and orphanage for a couple of weeks in March. Another laptop added to the count and it is 31 since we started this endeavour,...

2015 January

Preparations are officially under way as we get ready for our second Medical and Humanitarian Mission which will occur in April of this year. We expect volunteers from all over the U.S.

2014 December

We are happy to announce the purchase of 6 acres of land located next to the orphanage for close to $50,000. This land will be used for food production for the orphans and to build a high school.

2014 November II

New Hope School received over $2000 worth of books, most of them purchased in Addis Ababa. We focused mostly on books for grades 9 and 10. These grades were added last year to the new school by Tomorrow Come. Volunteers from Global First Responder built at least 10 large...

2014 November

First medical and humanitarian mission completed! Global First Responder, My Little Patient and Tomorrow Come / Medical, combined forces and set up a clinic at the town of Guder. These volunteers came from all over the United States. Thanks to private donations, from different states, we were able to...

2014 October

Technology slowly arriving at New Hope School. Six new laptops will be added for a grand total of 30 in the last two years which will used exclusively at New Hope Center and will be used by all the educators, the school principal and 9th and 10th school graders. ...

2014 September

We are please to announce the collaboration of Global First Responder and Tomorrow Come Foundation in forming a Medical and Humanitarian mission in the town of Guder, Ethiopia planned for November 6.

2014 June

We would like to thank all who participated in our fundraiser Friday, May 23, 2014 at Faith Chapel. Six hundred people attended the benefit with music by the Mid Life Chryslers. We are pleased to announce that through the generosity of the people who donated 58 items, we were...

2014 April

The laptops have arrived! So far 23 laptops are in the hands of the teachers and students of New Hope Center for Children and Handicapped promising a better education. Thank you to those who donated your laptops and those who donated your time in wiping the hard drives.