Through Sponsorship of currently 83 children and young adults, Tomorrow Come Foundation is supporting the cost of:

  • Education
  • Teacher And Principal Salaries
  • Books
  • Uniforms & Clothing
  • Medication
  • Medical And Dental Needs

We rely on Sponsorships and private donors to help us fund these and other projects, such as the construction of the school and new dormitory.

(Nearly every penny that comes into Tomorrow Come Foundation goes to the children and their education. We employ only one part-time admin at the Foundation, and the rest of the team members are volunteers.)

Writing Letters

Writing letters is extremely important to the kids and the greatest way to offer that connection and relationship that each child needs.  Through letters, you lift them up and assure them that they are loved!  You share a little about your life and family.  It is also a way to encourage them to practice their English.  We ask you take the time twice a year to send encouragement  in the form of letters and photographs to your sponsored child when a team is going to Ethiopia. (The Director will let you know when and how to submit your letters and photos. NO GIFTS PLEASE!)

Please go to Sponsor A Child. There you will see photos of the children from New Hope Orphanage for Children and Handicapped, and you can select a child to sponsor. Thank you for all you do!