Art Joy Love Dance

This is the clip of the song and the dance “ART Joy Love”. The orphan Children in New Hope, Guder (near Ambo), Ethipioa, learned the song from musician Elad Neeman (who is singing the song in the clip) and the dance from dancer Saray Gelb (who taught them danced with them) in May 2017, during their visit there with Prof. Dani Engelhard, who had initiated this specific event. Prof. Dan Engelhard, the founder (2005) and head of ART Joy Love had initiated a song and dance that will empower and cheer up the children in the orphanages in Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya. So, he wrote the words with the singer Elad Neman who also composed and arranged the music with Ron Klein. Other contributors to the song are listed at the end of the video clip. Then, Victor Tsemah and Saray Gelb made the special choreography for the children’ dance. Saray Gelb and Elad Neeman joined Prof. Dani Engelhard in his voyage to orphanages in Guder, Ethiopia, to Osanidde, Bussi Island, Uganda, and to St. Ann Home in Kikopey, Nakuru, Kenya on May 2017 to teach the song, including the intention behind the words of the song and the meaning of the steps and movements of the dance. It proved to be a big success. The song soon became a local hit and the dance was adopted with much energy and joy. We were intensely satisfied to hear and see the happiness of the children singing and dancing.

Will you help us build a new boy’s dorm?

In 2008 the original dorm was built. Because of the wet and unstable ground, the first cracks began to appear as early as 2010. Since then, they have continued to grow to a point where the dorm is becoming unsafe and unhealthy. It is time to replace it.

Tomorrow Come Foundation Medical Teams

A few years ago, Billings Neurologist Dr. Arturo Echeverri, met and partnered with Dr. Adam Beckett of Global First Responders. Knowing there were only about 16 neurologists for 95 million people, Dr, Echeverri realized how valuable additional education was to the growth of the medical profession in Ethiopia. He reached out to Dr. Beckett, and together they encouraged teams of physicians, nurses, cardiologists, neurologists and other medical professionals from all over the world to come and teach health education to the medical personnel in Ethiopia.

Arturo’s Story

Arturo initially came to Ethiopia to see the orphans he and his wife sponsored at New Hope. Thinking he would just say hello and goodbye and we’ll send you money, Arturo fell in love with the children and had to get involved. This is his story.

The Vulnerable Children of Guder, Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, the breadwinners in the families are the mothers and fathers. When these people are gone due to disease or death, the children are left vulnerable to hunger, disease, illiteracy and homelessness. In trying to survive, these children become vulnerable to exploitation, attack, starvation and death. New Hope Center For Children and Handicapped and Tomorrow Come Foundation help these children with food, clothing, medication, education and love. Here there are orphans, disabled children, HIV positive kids and children from destitute families in the community of Guder. Here they have a hope and a future.

Nahunda’s Story

Nahunda says “I love this school. They teach me everything I want to learn about.” Nahunda, a 6th grade student who walks 30 minutes to the New Hope Center School. Tomorrow Come is working to provide school buildings and supplies for New Hope Center School so that children like Nahunda can rise up out of poverty, hunger and disease.

Immense Possibilites

Meet students from New Hope Center School and their hopes, wishes and dreams for their future. Through education, they will have immense possibilities.

Zelalem’s Story

Meet Zelalem, a 15 year old student from the New Hope Center School. Zelalem’s parents died of aids and he and his sister have been part of the New Hope school for 6 years.

A Day In the Life at New Hope Center Guder, Ethiopia

See what life is like at the New Hope Center school for its students.

Global First Responder/Tomorrow Come – Ethiopia

See this collection of photos from the travels and efforts of the Tomorrow Come Foundation in Ethiopia.

A New Hope

Check out this video compilation for a glimpse into the New Hope Center School and what life is like for its students.