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Health Education


The 4 Others organization’s vision is to become a catalyst for other student groups, faith communities, and organizations around the world. They seek to release people worldwide from poverty, preventable disease, and injustice, while releasing people at home from purposelessness.

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Global First Responder

Global First Responder acts as a centralized network for individuals and agencies involved in relief work worldwide and executes mission trips to areas in need focusing not only on health care delivery, but health education and improvements on community infrastructure.

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Stand for Vulnerable Organization (SVO)

Stand for Vulnerable Organization (SVO) is a non-profit-making and non-political organization focusing on child development. Investment on the development of children produces trained and responsible citizens who are capable and ready to take their full share of responsibility in the growth and development of their country.

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My Little Patient

With a focus on pediatric health, MyLittlePatient improves the quality of medicine globally by advocating for Patients, Parents, Caretakers and Health Care workers. They also use their accumulated medical experience of clinicians and patients to improve medicine and the medical experience.

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