I was born in a small town in DeSoto, Missouri.  I received my MA in Science Education from Truman University in MO.  I was drafted into the war in Vietnam and was a computer operator for the Global Weather Center.  After the war, I returned to teaching science in Wyoming and Montana for over 30 years.  I then retired to start a business of building houses.

At Faith Chapel, my wife Pam, and son Brian, and I were invited to go on a mission trip to Brazil, which we loved!  Once a missionary, always a missionary. Brian then went to Africa on a mission trip and told me that “you and mom need to go!” We prayed and thought about it, and God provided all that we needed. In 2011, we went to Africa to volunteer at New Hope Orphanage, and Pam and I started asking “How can we help?” The needs were so great that it didn’t take long to find a niche. We were going to help build a school! We fell in love with the children, and it has become a passion of ours ever since.

“God is good all the time; all the time God is good” was a saying that we learned from our mission’s leader, Ron Todd. We will never stop working to make a difference.