Girls’ Dormitory Project (2020-21)

Like the boys’ dorm, the girls’ dormitory is crumbling and has become unsafe.  There are huge cracks in the walls, and the girls are forced to sleep two-to-a-bed to stay warm.  Bugs are able to enter easily, and the girls are at risk for illnesses like Malaria.  The large amount of moisture and the condition of the soil in this region causes the ground to shift and the structures to fail.  In 2019, TCF raised funds and, with a team of volunteers, assembled the Boys’ Dormitory.  This building was built using modular bedroom units from Sango Building Industrial Ltd. in China, and were joined together to create a structure that requires a minimal foundation built on cement filled cinder block piers (or wood form piers) with metal plate shims to level it. This allows airflow to help water evaporate.

The plan is to replicate the Boys’ Dormitory Project which TCF completed in 2019. The dorm will be placed on top of the foundation of the old boys’ dorm that was torn down for safety reasons, with one step at the front door and a ramp to the back door from the kitchen. There will be a 10’ overhang on the front porch and 5’ overhang on each of the other sides.

There will be 3 large bedrooms with 10 beds in each room with desks and electricity.  The 2 smaller rooms will each have 8 beds. There will be an additional guest/staff room with its own bathroom.

We learned many lessons while fundraising and building the boys’ dormitory last year, and we enter this project with that knowledge and experience to help guide us. 


“The building is moving and sinking, the doors & windows don’t close. Cracks are so deep in the walls that you can see outside, & they are expanding. The rain comes in and the girls are cold at night, forcing them to sleep 2 to a bed to keep warm. These girls are at risk & we MUST act!”   -Arturo Echeverri

We are raising $197,415 for this very important project. Please help us give the girls a new home! 




Surgery for Aster & Others (2020)

UPDATE: Aster’s surgeries have been postponed until the doctors can schedule all of the necessary care and materials needed. While we were hoping she would have begun the process by now, it has actually given Aster time to increase her strength and weight with a dietary supplement donated by a sponsor. Currently she is #1 on the non-emergency surgery schedule.

Aster is 16 and in grade 8.  She has a severe deformation that affects her tongue, her right hand, and her speech. She feels pain when she eats and swallows, and needs several minutes to finish a small piece of bread. Aster gets headaches when the temperature is hot. Her tongue is also impaired and does not come out or stretch as a normal tongue. She has become so thin and frail because she is unable to eat.  When Aster was two years old, her mother took her to a neighbor’s house and asked her to watch Aster for a while, but she never returned. She was embarrassed by Aster’s deformity and did not have a way to get medical help. Aster’s father did not want her, so the neighbor kept her. She started going to New Hope School and loved it there. The teachers took an interest in her, and sponsors provided food, clothing, and medical help.

In March of 2019, Aster traveled to Mekele in the northern portion of Ethiopia where she met with a number of doctors.  Her body mass index was very low, and the doctors feared she may suffer severe consequences due to the malnutrition and lack of food consumption if we do not intervene soon.  The diagnosis is that she probably fell as a child, causing her mandible to lock.  This prevented the growth of the mandible.  The plan is to reconstruct part of the jaw by removing two ribs and using them to form the new joint.  Aster will need two or three surgeries within a year.  After the first surgery, she will be able to open her jaw.  And about six months later, after she builds facial muscles and gains weight, the second surgery will involve moving the jaw forward.  The main surgeon from India has done many similar surgeries and trained under a famous Surgeon in Zurich . He is an excellent young physician and his most recent similar surgery was about two weeks ago. He showed Aster pictures of a boy about the same age as Aster, and his ability to open his mouth . Aster saw the pictures and smiled with her eyes.

Aster loves having lots of brothers and sisters at New Hope. Her favorite thing is Church and enjoys studying Oromic in school.  She would also like you to know she would like to be a doctor. 

While some of the costs for Aster’s care will be absorbed by the country of Ethiopia, there may still be significant expenses related to these procedures.  If you are able to help with her travel and medical expenses, we would be extremely grateful!  

*Any remaining funds will be put in reserve and used for the medical care of all children at New Hope Center* 



A.  To provide sponsorship assistance for every student, teacher, and staff member at New Hope that would ensure adequate funding for the operation and well-being of the children and orphanage.

B.  Build a new Girls’ Dormitory (2021)
Funds Needed: $100,000 – $200,000
Specifics: The existing Girls’ dorm was built in 2013, and because of the poor subsoil, torrential summertime rain, and the inability to pour a proper reinforced foundation, it is literally crumbling. The dorm has been repaired many times, (most recently in the summer of 2016 – see below) but has large holes and cracks that make it unsafe.

C.  Continue to develop programs that will allow New Hope to be self-sustaining.

Continuing Projects

Sponsor Teachers

We are raising funds to support all of the teachers, including a principal, at the school from kindergarten up to tenth grade. In 2015, we gave 25% salary increases for all teachers. This ensures that New Hope will be able retain the most qualified teachers in the area.  Again this year we are also giving the teachers a raise in order to remain competitive.

Health Education

We will continue to put emphasis on health education for the children and the community.  Toothpaste and toothbrushes are always needed and appreciated.

Additional Needs

The foundation will be gathering all kinds of teaching aids, CD’s, DVD’s, educational videos, which will be complimentary to their education.

Laptop Computers and gently used Smart Phones are always needed.



  1. (2013) Build Secondary School – COMPLETED

    Our Mission for 2013 was to build an addition to the present school for children up to tenth grade.
    We have successfully completed the work, and classes began in December of 2013.

  2. (2015) Purchase Adjacent Property – COMPLETED

    In 2015, with $50,000 raised through our generous contributors, Tomorrow Come Foundation purchased 6 hectares (approximately 15 acres) of land which will allow us to expand. On that same trip, we built a fence to surround the new space, give the old school a new coat of paint, and install a new security gate.

  3. (2016) Repair current boy’s dormitory – COMPLETED

    Time Frame: Summer 2016 Specifics: The dormitory needs concrete and structural repairs. Stabilize the SE corner of the dorm, by removing the currently damaged wall, replacing the footings & floor, then building the new wall to build plans. This is not a permanent fix, but will keep the boys safer from falling in concrete, vermin, and malaria carrying mosquitoes.

  4. Install Solar Pump for the Well – COMPLETED

    The addition of the solar pump provides the children at New Hope and the people of the surrounding community with clean drinking water every day. The old electrical pump was not reliable due to intermittent electricity, and the pumps were regularly burning out from the power surges.

  5. Boys’ Dormitory – COMPLETED

    The Boys’ Dormitory Project was a huge success! After many delays, the team completed the project in record time. Thank you to all of our generous sponsors. The boys are now living in safe and sustainable housing.